Self financed debut recorded by Dave Appleford on mobile recording equipment.
Originally due for release as an EP the band made the descision to include all the recorded material and release a short album length CD at a reduced cost. (46 mins)
1. Alone Inside My Head
2. Garden Of Joy
3. Confluence
4. Stars Over Lorna Doone
5. The Caves Of Rojales
6. All Is Forgiven
If you are interested in purchasing a copy just contact us. We are currently selling the CD for £5 plus postage


Alone inside My Head

My left side hemisphere
Has lost control I fear
Am I dreaming?
I must be dreaming
Nodes of ranvier, polarise and synchronise
My nerve membranes they are energised

I’m all alone inside my head
I’m all alone inside my head

Modern day society
Will entertain anxiety 
But I am feeling 
An uneasy feeling
The march of time and tide
Can’t stop, stall, slip or slide
The toxins they accumulate
So how do I communicate

I’m all alone inside my head
I’m all alone inside my head
Garden Of Joy (A tribute to Jeff Buckley)

It’s just one long groove
In a spiral that’s true
As the record goes round
The needle comes down
You gave us your voice
You gave us your soul
Now we can rejoice 
In the garden of joy

Just one album you wrote
Songs with passion and faith
The anguish of a childhood alone 
A fatherless youth
The memories etched on your face
You had the mojo
And you had the grace
Like father, like son
A tragedy retraced

A king of rock
With passion and soul
The crown of rock and roll you uphold
Life was simple when you were a boy
You are a savoir 
In the garden of joy

The rivers so deep
I sense a wide divide
My emotional tide
It flows like a stream
Dark and murky waters
Slowly wash over me
Cleansing my mind 
and erasing my thoughts.

The influence of fate
The confluence of hope
We all need to break these chains
Under the weight of which we'll choke

Thats when I wake
Alone on an empty beach
​Was it just a dream
My mind is cruel to me
The warmth of the sand
Is now cold to touch
And this memory will fade
Into the shade

Looking out to sea
An ocean serene and calm
If I was a bird
Floating on the wind
I'd travel so far and not look back again
Until the horizon had changed
From green to darkest blue
Stars (Over Lorna Doone)

This path is long, Its steep and winding
Like the entrance to, like the entrance to my soul
Its hard to reach, who will you find there
A clone of a man from another life

I'm out of reach, I'm out of time, I Feel alone
I'm not a patron for the human race
We are so shallow I can not embrace, it at all
I built a fire and you asked me to sing
I played my guitar like Eddie Vedder, cos that's my thing
Dancing around the fire and the flames
I look at the stars but they all look the same, to me, my love

I see joy, and I see sorrow
I see a storm, I see a storm of change
Blowing fast towards tomorrow
cascading like a rolling  wave

Clear of the thoughts that clouded and choked
Supressed my emotions, just like a sick joke
Bad karma be gone, I won't entertain any negative views, as I sit alone, in the pouring rain
Dancing around the fire and the flames
I look at the stars and they all look the same, to me, my love

A quick flash of light , cerbral rewind
Inspiration appears, but it's so hard to find
A window appears in my head and it's open
The restriction is clear, my cortex is finally coping
Dancing around the fire and the flames
I look at the stars and they all seem to change
​when you are here with me, my love